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Fibaro is a leader in Smart Home Automation, providing a high quality, complete system of Smart Home devices and home controllers in Australia. Fibaro is a Polish company which designs and manufactures a full range of European-made Home Automation devices based on Z-Wave technology. Z-Wave is the world’s leading wireless Smart Home automation techology which is based on the ‘Internet of Things’, a concept that involves automated devices communicating with one another to perform various tasks. Each wireless device is given a unique identifier enabling them to work together in a secure mesh network. To find out more about Z-Wave technology read our article about Z-wave technology.

Begin your smart home adventure with us. Get to know the Fibaro smart home system by discovering all the features it has to offer. Live comfortably with the flexibility to add more devices and integrations whenever you want.

Product Features

01. Data safety first

FIBARO knows what is the most important. The access to your home and your data are protected at the highest level – through the WAF and Anti-DDoS systems, encrypted communication using the TLS protocol and passwords using bcrypt.

02. Plug & Play

The FIBARO system is simple to install and use. Plug & play devices are ready for use immediately after unpacking and a short configuration.

03. Voice control

FIBARO is compatible with most voice control technologies. Simply tell the system what to do, and your wish is granted.

04. Remote access from anywhere

Check the status of your devices and control your home from anywhere in the world. An internet connection is all you need to keep an eye on your home.

05. A home filled with peace

FIBARO ensures your personal security in case of a fire, flooding, or burglary. It also assists children, the elderly, and people with limited mobility with everyday life things.

06. Save energy

FIBARO allows you to monitor the amount of electricity used by home devices. This way you can easily identify which pieces of hardware keep on bumping up your bills. You can also program the system to help you make the most of the savings.

07. Dreams do come true

Treat yourself to an easier and more comfortable life with FIBARO. Discover how it feels to finally have time for the things that matter most.

Fibaro FAQ

The FIBARO System integrates many devices allowing them to cooperate with each other to make your life more comfortable. Thanks to the motion sensors the FIBARO System can turn on and off lights in your house depending which room you are in. The FIBARO System is able to turn off the heating when you are not at home and turn it on before your arrival.

Appropriate configuration of your system can save you up to 30% of electricity and 23% of heat energy.

Range of application and configuration of the FIBARO System is immense and limited only by the imagination.

Wireless range in buildings is around 30 meters, depending on what materials were used in the construction. In practice Mesh network topology used by the FIBARO System prevents influence of the building construction on its operation. Mains powered devices work as a receiver and transmitter that can send radio signal between themselves expanding network range in this way.

Yes. Before any of the FIBARO System device is allowed to the market it must go through number of tests, starting with the process of Z-Wave technology certification and ending with examining compliance with EU safety and emission standards.

No, you don’t have to.

Thanks to the wireless communication between the devices, the FIBARO System can by freely expanded with new modules and devices whenever you want.

Installation and configuration of individual devices is extremely clean and easy. Everyone can connect any module using instructions from a manual included with a device.

Are you tired of constantly searching for functions on your smartphone? Do you want your smart home to work on demand? This is possible thanks to the assistants. Check out the assistants that work with FIBARO!

Assistants that works with FIBARO:

  • Google Assistant,
  • Amazon Alexa,
  • FIBARO Smart Home Bot.

No, you will not.

One of the unique advantages of our system is its mobility. None of the elements of the FIBARO System are permanently connected with the structure of your building. Thanks to that, you can dismount and take them to your new home. On top of that, when you move your whole system to the new location, Home Center gateway will remember your modules network and settings. All scenes you have created, associations etc. will still function.

Yes, you can control the FIBARO System through the personal computer via local network.

Yes, you can control the FIBARO System through SMS.

Yes. Thanks to the FIBARO System you can watch images from your cameras on your mobile devices.

No, the FIBARO System devices are ready to use before shipping to the client. All you have to do is unpack the device and install it according to included manual to benefit from the FIBARO System smart home automation.

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