Home Automation Bridges

Unlock the full potential of your smart home with home automation bridges, essential components designed to facilitate communication between your smart devices and their respective ecosystems. Home automation bridges enable seamless integration, ensuring your devices work harmoniously and efficiently. 

At YouHome Automation, we offer a wide selection of home automation bridges to help you create a cohesive and connected smart home.

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Explore our diverse range of top-quality home automation bridge products designed to elevate your smart home experience. Some of our offerings include:

  • Aeotec Z-Wave USB Stick — Transform your computer into a Z-Wave communication hub with the Aeotec Z-Stick. This self-powered USB dongle features a portable push-button inclusion, allowing it to independently connect with your Z-Wave devices without relying on external power or a host microprocessor.
  • Shelly Uni — A compact, versatile module designed to bring your traditional appliances into the smart home era. This tiny, insulated chip can be connected to various sensors and appliances, such as liquid-level sensors or coffee machines, enabling remote control and automation. Make your mornings more efficient by automating your coffee machine or monitoring water levels with ease — all thanks to the Shelly Uni.
  • Global Cache Flex WiFi Bridge — Upgrade your electronic devices with the Global Caché iTach Flex WiFi, a powerful solution that instantly enables Wi-Fi control. This versatile bridge allows you to remotely access, monitor and automate your devices via a smartphone, tablet or other user interfaces. With easy installation and web-based control, the iTach Flex WiFi is the perfect addition to any smart home.


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Keen on expanding your smart home ecosystem with a home automation bridge? Browse our site to explore our extensive selection of products, or contact us for more information and expert guidance. 

Don’t forget — we also offer a variety of smart home devices, including smart hubs, remotes and buttons, smart controllers, wall-mounted controllers and many more. Experience a truly connected smart home and elevate your daily living with YouHome Automation today!

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