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Founded in 1993, Nice is an Italian multinational reference company in the Home Automation, Home Security and Smart Home sector, with a wide range of integrated and connected solutions for the automation of gates, garage doors, solar shades, parking, wireless alarm and home security systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Nice sells its products to over 100 countries with 24 branches on 5 continents, 14 production plants, 13 R&D centres and 2.300 employees, contributing to the spread of the Made in Italy worldwide, with its high-quality solutions that wisely blend technology, design, innovation, digital connectivity and ease of use.

Every day, Nice performs strict and accurate tests, to assure the highest quality and safety standards in its laboratories.

Nice’s Vision of “a world without barriers” and the mission “simplify everyday movements” put the people and their wonder at the centre of the equation, managing automation with the maximum control, safety, and customization.

Nice recognizes the value of sustainability, delivering solutions to optimize natural light and heat building management, in addition to photovoltaic powered systems.

Product Features

01. Comfort for the User

With Nice, a simple gesture is all you need to make the whole house move: you can control and manage all your automation, lighting and alarm systems in an integrated manner from just one single control. Simple and functional solutions, designed to make your life at home more comfortable

02. Simplicity and Safety for everyone

Nice products are easy to use and simple to install. Nice’s constant commitment to technological research and compliance with standards in force is a further guarantee of total safety and reliability. Nice means peace of mind, both at home and away. 

03. Design

Nice was the first company in the home automation sector to believe in the value of design. Nice products have always stood out for their high aesthetic quality and care to details, and over the years have won important international awards. 

04. Technology

The Nice R&D division is staffed by a highly specialised international team who work constantly on developing increasingly innovative products 

Everyday at the Nice labs, rigorous test are carried out using the technologically advanced procedures and the latest instruments, so as to guarantee the highest technological and quality standards

05. Sustainability

Care for the environment is one of the key aspects that guides in what Nice does.

Through research into environmentally friendly materials, development of instruments operating on solar energy, and solutions that simplify the control of light and heat, Nice aims to improve our quality of life in a way that is sustainable, thus caring for our plant. 

Nice Automation FAQ

The Nice smart home system is plug and play, not wired, and that certainly makes it more accessible. In fact, its main distinctive feature is that it is modular and scalable.

Wireless range in buildings is around 30 meters, depending on what materials were used in the construction. In practice Mesh network topology used by the FIBARO System prevents influence of the building construction on its operation. Mains powered devices work as a receiver and transmitter that can send radio signal between themselves expanding network range in this way.

Absolutely yes. A Nice smart home system improves your home’s consumption, saving you energy and significantly increasing the value of your property on the market.

You can facilitate implementation by incorporating it into a building or renovation project so you can design your electrical installations accordingly. But the big advantage is that you can integrate the Nice smart home system at any moment.

The Nice smart home is designed to function even without the internet connection you’ll need to control the automations remotely. Inside the house, your smart home does not need to be connected to function and your programmed scenarios will continue to work. You only need to be connected to internet to create new scenarios.

 Most Nice automations can be used manually even during a power failure; the sensors incorporate a battery so they can function automatically. On the other hand, the tubular motors for blinds, awnings and lights need power to operate: if you want to be sure they will continue to function even in the event of a blackout, you need to install an uninterruptible power supply.

Most likely yes: the Nice smart home system is designed to be compatible with most devices on the market. If you want to be sure your device can be connected, contact us

Absolutely yes: Nice pay great attention to safety, including the security of your data which is encrypted to keep it safe.

Of course you can: the Nice smart home system is designed so you can use the full potential of home systems such as Alexa and Google Home.

Absolutely yes. Our automations can be programmed to help you manage your family and our devices are manufactured according to the strictest safety protocols: properly installed, they are safe and reliable.

Definitely yes. The Nice smart home system controls energy consumption in the home, reducing waste and allowing you to manage all your automations autonomously and smartly. You can also avoid electrical overload by programming certain appliances to switch off if a preset consumption threshold is reached.

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