Remotes and Buttons

When we think about the rise of smart controllers, it is easy to forget just how far technology has come in such a short span of time. From being able to control a television remotely to having a smart home remote control system to adjust almost any electrical component of the home, the innovation never ceases to amaze.

A series of incredible smart home remote technologies are now available in a home setting, including:

Remotes and buttons

Some of our top innovations at YouHome Automation include the deceptively simple remotes and buttons that conceal a vast array of capabilities. A single button can be programmed to perform any given smart home remote function with a single tap, arrangement of taps or by holding it down.

These are great for keeping things simple when family members prefer not to engage with too many complicated modern devices. But they’re also ideal for families who want to assign a different-coloured button to each member. These smart home remote control buttons can be easily programmed to each individual’s requirements and perform different functions depending on the user’s preferences.

Smart home button options

The long list of functions that can be connected to smart home buttons include, but are not limited to:

  • Lighting
  • Fans 
  • Window blinds 
  • Locks

Here at YouHome Automation, it’s possible to put together a full smart home remote system from scratch. We have an incredible range of equipment that can easily be programmed to incorporate some of the remotes and buttons we mentioned here.

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