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CoolPlug and CooLinkHub are CoolAutomation gateway solutions to help you remotely access and control Multi-split and split air conditioning systems. The solution enables simple integration with Home Automation and Smart Home devices. The gateway supports HVAC professionals striving to deliver a great customer experience and Home Automation integrators needing to save time on complex HVAC integration.

CooLinkHubCoolPlugs HCL

The solution combines two key elements:?CoolPlug, a device that easily connects to the indoor unit and CooLinkHub that links all CoolPlugs together, providing connectivity to the relevant channels (Ethernet (TCP-IP), RS232, Modbus, and KNX). As a result, you can connect to any Home Automation system, as well as take advantage of our cloud-based CoolRemote app.

Please note:? CooLinkHub is a generic device not brand specific.
CoolPlug is brand-specific and currently supports the following brands:

Daikin KRP(P1P2)
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Please select your brand-specific CoolPlug from the links above.

CoolPlug and CooLinkHub support all major home automation systems, such as Fibaro, Push, Control 4, Savant, Lutron, Elan, Philips Dynalite, RTI, URC and many others.


In stock (can be backordered)


Product Description

We suggest consulting a quick installation guide, found below on this webpage, to understand the process, but essentially it involves three simple steps:

  1. Connect CoolPlug(s) to indoor units
  2. Connect CoolPlug(s) to CooLinkHub
  3. Connect CooLinkHub to the router or to Home Automation central controller

CoolPlug Connectivity

467X269 coolplugCooLinkHub Connectivity Diagram 300x266


CoolPlug CooLinkHub ports


CooLinkHub supports the following brands:

Daikin (DK)
Fujitsu (General) (FJ)
Hitachi (HT)
Mitsubishi Electric (ME)
Mitsubishi Heavy (MH)
Panasonic (PN)
Sanyo (SA)

Nest thermostat

Please note:?For the full list of compatible Units see this link?Compatibility

Product Support


?CooLinkHub Programmer Reference Manual (PRM)
?CoolPlug CooLinkHub Brochure
?CoolPlug CooLinkHub Installation Guide
?CoolPlug Programmer Reference Manual (PRM)

Technical Specifications

Connection type
?RS232, RS485, Ethernet, RTU BMS
?2.8″ / 240 x 320 / 262K
Operation Range
Operation Humidity
?0% ~ 96% non-condensing
Operation Temperature
?-10 + 60 C0
Storage Temperature
?-10 + 70 C0
?ABS 156x109x35
?FCC, CE (EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-40)