Remotec Z-Wave A/C Controller


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ZXT-600 is a Z-Wave plus compliant Z-Wave-to-IR Bridge to control split air conditioner by receiving Z-Wave command and translating to Infrared command. With its comprehensive built-in and cloud-stored IR database (library). ZXT-600 can control different
brands and models of air conditioners worldwide. ZXT-600 is a security-enabled Z-Wave plus device. Security Enabled Z-Wave Plus Controller must be used in order to fully utilize the product.

  • Control your air-conditioner remotely using a Z-Wave Home Controller
  • Works with all types of AC IR interface
  • Built in temperature sensor informs you of current room temperature
  • USB powered, 5V DC Jack or 1 year battery life on 2 x AA batteries

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The?Z-Wave A/C Controller?is a smart Z-Wave controller which allows you to remotely control your air-conditioner using a compatible Z-Wave controller. It works?with any Z-Wave compliant gateway or controller by translating Z-Wave Thermostat Commands to AC IR control code. User can select the IR code from the built?in code library by using Z-Wave Configuration Commands according to the parameter table,??or use the learning function through the gateway. The Z-Wave A/C Controller also has a built?in temperature sensor which allows your gateway or controller to get the current room temperature.

The Z-Wave A/C Controller can be configured as either a ?Frequently Listening Routing Slaves? (FLiRS) or an ?Always Listening? node before including it to your Vera gateway. The FLiRS node type is for battery operated applications and it will enter sleep mode frequently in order to conserve battery power. The Always Listening node type is for areas where a fast response is required. It works with a 5V DC power source. Always Listening node can act as a repeater, which will re?transmit the RF signal from the other Z-Wave devices in your network to ensure that the signal reaches its intended destination by routing the signal around obstacles and radio dead spots.


The Z-Wave A/C Controller also supports Network Wide Inclusion (NWI) and Explore Frames. It is compatible with Z?Wave networks that contain multiple gateways and controllers. Like every Z?Wave accessory, the user will need to include the Z-Wave A/C Controller into their Z?Wave network using their primary controller. Then, the user can use either the primary or secondary controller to configure and set up the Z-Wave A/C Controller using Z?Wave?s configuration command class. Once the configuration and setup are complete, the user can use the Z?Wave ?Thermostat commands class? to control their IR?controlled air?conditioner through the Z-Wave A/C Controller.

This product integrates with the following Australian certified (921.42MHz) Z-Wave controllers including:

  • VeraPlus, VeraEdge, Fibaro HC2, Fibaro HCL
  • REMOTEC Z-Wave Universal Remote Controller


Product Support



?Integration with VeraEdge – REMOTEC Z-Wave AC IR Controller (YouTube)


??REMOTEC ZXT-600 Z-Wave AC IR Controller Full Manual (Size: 1.15 MB)
??REMOTEC Z-Wave AC IR Controller IR Built-In Code Library (Size: 10 KB)
??page 20 in this manual?REMOTEC Z-Wave AC IR Controller Vera Integration Manual (Size: 280 KB)

Technical Specifications

RF Protocol
RF Frequency
921.42Mhz – AU/NZ ?approved RF for Z-wave
Z-Wave device type
Frequently listening, routing slave
USB powered or 1-year battery life on 2 x AA batteries
Operation Range
Up to 40m indoors with no obstacles
Indoor use only
Operation temperature
-10 ~ 40 ?C
Storage temperature
-10 ~ 70 ?C, humidity 5~95% RH(max)