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The?QUBINO Dimmer?(by GOAP) is the first MOSFET- switching light Z-Wave dimmer module that also supports control of low-voltage halogen lamps with electronic transformers, dimmable compact fluorescent lights and dimmable LED bulbs. It also measures the power consumption of electrical devices and supports the connection of a digital temperature sensor.

QUBINO?modules are ?install-and-forget? products. Our products are made to last, so we only select and use top-quality electronic components. These modules are also the most tested Z-Wave microcontrollers on the market. The Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology (SIQ), an independent testing body, tests safety parameters including temperature rise, construction, insulation resistance, power consumption and overload in accordance with the EN 60669-2-1 standard.


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All QUBINO modules are manufactured in Europe by GOAP.

  • The QUBINO Z-Wave Dimmer module occupies a smaller volume than comparable modules of any other brand and will fit easily in any flush mounting box.
  • The QUBINO Z-Wave?Dimmer can measure the power consumption of the connected electrical device and itself has an extremely low power consumption of just 0.7 W.
  • The QUBINO Z-Wave?Dimmer can operate across a wide temperature range, from a chilly -10?C to a scorching 40?C (14??104?F). It supports the connection of a digital temperature sensor, which is also useful for creating complex scenarios. Every module also acts as a repeater in order to improve the range and stability of the Z-Wave network.
  • Unlimited controlling capability through a gateway
  • Setting mono-stable (push button) or bi-stable switch type
  • Z-Wave Plus compliant
  • 23 additional parameters for expert users

Product Support

Please note:?If you are installing the entire Z-Wave? system for the first time, please refer to?the installation guide of your Z-Wave gateway before installing this device.

The QUBINO Flush Dimmer uses a unique MOSFET ‘trailing edge’ dimmer to enable it to work with a huge range of bulb types:

Halogen and Incandescent (230V)
Dimmable LEDs (230V)
Dimmable CFL and Fluorescent (230V)
Low Voltage Halogen (24V)
Low Voltage LED (24V)

The QUBINO Dimmer can be used in the 230V mains lighting system where it uses a ‘Trailing Edge’ style dimmer to control the lights. It can also be used in a 24V low-voltage system where it uses PWM style control of the bulbs.

Please note:
These devices require a 3-wire system (including neutral), please check your installation before purchasing. If you have a 2-wire system (without neutral) we recommend you use a FIBARO Z-Wave Dimmer 2


Electricity suppliers in particular areas of Australia such as NSW, QLD and some other places are injecting an off-peak ripple control signal using Zellweger equipment?or similar onto their distribution networks in order to remotely control devices such as off-peak hot water systems and street lighting, although other areas within Australia also use this technology. Not all properties are affected by ripple control, so just because you might live in one of these areas, does not mean that you will have these problems.

Ripple injection control systems work by superimposing coded control signals, commonly 750Hz or 1050Hz on the 50 Hz mains supply.

Some electrical appliances such as fans, dimmers, toasters and LED lighting can be sensitive to this ripple control signal. The results could be audible buzzing noises from fans or flickering lights whenever the ripple control signals are present.

Electricity suppliers are advising users to install appropriate?ripple signal filters in such areas.

The ripple signal filter is a tuned passive inline filter that completely eliminates the superimposed ripple injection control signal from the normal mains supply to produce a noise-free filtered mains supply which can then be connected to the electrical appliances or light control systems. The ripple signal filter is specifically tuned to eliminate the ripple control signal frequency of 750Hz or 1050Hz.

However, we can?t guarantee the ripple signal filter always will help you if you experiencing such issues. Please contact your local energy provider to get more information and proposed solutions for your electrical installation.

If you are getting similar problems with your dimmers and fans and it?s not Ripple Control Signal and you are hearing the tones at random times of the day, your electrical supply may be affected by harmonics; a power fluctuation that is not part of the normal electricity supply or ripple control signal output.
Harmonics are caused by an interference created by other equipment on the network, such as inverter type air conditioners and switch-mode power supplies for computers.

The offending appliances may be in your home or other premises on the local power grid. If you are being affected by network harmonics, it may be of benefit to transfer the electricity supply to your premises to a different phase in the street. This is something you will need to discuss with your electrical company.

We are strongly recommending for the areas we have mentioned above to run tests with only a few dimmers before committing for high volumes. If results are not fully OK you may use relays only instead of dimmers.

Please note that our warranty for the faulty devices is not covering the above-mentioned conditions with your local electric grids.

Please see affected with Ripple Signalling areas here:


  • Only Southern Queensland (Energex) has Ripple Signalling.
  • The Frequency is 1050Hz.
  • The rest of Queensland (Ergon) does not have Ripple Signalling.



  • Energy Australia Full Supply Area
  • Energy Australia Sydney &Hunter Supply Area


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