QUBINO Z-Wave 1 Relay



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The QUBINO Single Switch (by GOAP) is a Z-Wave module for switching on/off the electrical device (e.g. light, fan, etc …). The module can be controlled either through the Z-wave network or through the wall switch manually.

This module is designed to be mounted behind a traditional wall switch. The module measures the power consumption of load and supports the connection of the digital temperature sensor. It is designed to act as a repeater in order to improve the range and stability of the Z-Wave network.

Supported switches

The module supports mono-stable switches (push button) and bi-stable switches. The module is factory set to operate with bi-stable switches.

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• Compatible with any Z-Wave Controller.
• Dimensions (W x H x D) 41,8 x 36,8 x 15,4mm
• Power monitoring accuracy P=5-50W, +/-3W; P˃50W, +/-3%;
• Digital temperature sensor range (sensor must be ordered separately) -50 ~ 125°C
• Support for the connection of digital temperature sensor (optional part)
• 2 binary inputs offer the option to connect additional devices such as sensors, switches/pushbuttons, etc, …


Do not connect the module to loads exceeding recommended values. Connect the module only in accordance with the manual and diagrams below. Use only qualified electricians!

Technical Specifications

Product Name 
 Flush 1 relay
Powered by
24V DC or 240V AC
Operation Range
Max Load
2300W (230VAC)
Radio frequency
921.42 MHz (AU/NZ Z-Wave)
Power Consumption
Operation temperature
-10 -+40 C*
Measured temperature range 0,5o C (within 0o C – 40o C range) (optional sensor)
Temperature measuring accuracy
0,5 C
Dimensions (W x H x D)
41,8 x 36,8 x 15,4mm