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Shelly Qubino Wave 2PM


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  • Dual Channel Control: Shelly Qubino Wave 2PM lets you manage two independent appliances simultaneously. Perfect for efficient home automation of lights and other devices.
  • Precise Energy Monitoring: Features power metering for each channel and in total. Ideal for tracking energy consumption and optimizing utility expenses.
  • Ultra-low power use: It consumes less than 0.3W, promoting energy conservation within your smart home ecosystem and enhancing overall energy efficiency.
  • Secure Smart Technology: It includes Z-Wave Security 2 authentication for maximum data protection, ensuring your smart home network is safe from unauthorized access.
  • Simple Setup: It is designed for quick and easy integration and automatically configures with SmartStart. Installation is straightforward in standard electrical boxes.
  • Z-Wave Compatibility: Works with over 4,000 Z-Wave devices and certified gateways, providing extensive flexibility and integration options.
  • Firmware Upgradability: Supports over-the-air firmware updates, keeping your device up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.


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Upgrade your smart home with the Shelly Qubino Wave 2PM, a versatile and powerful Z-Wave smart switch that offers control and monitoring of two independent electrical appliances with a total current capacity of 16A. Whether you want to automate your lighting system or manage other electrical devices, this smart switch provides the flexibility and functionality needed for modern home automation.

With precise energy metering on each channel, the Shelly Qubino Wave 2PM helps you monitor and reduce your energy consumption, significantly saving your utility bills. The device’s extremely low power consumption of less than 0.3W further enhances its energy-saving capabilities, making it an eco-friendly addition to any smart home.

The Shelly Qubino Wave 2PM is efficient and secure, featuring Z-Wave Security 2 authentication to protect your home network. Its compatibility with over 4,000 Z-Wave devices ensures that it can integrate seamlessly into your existing smart home setup, while automatic set-up with SmartStart and simple installation processes make it accessible for users of all technical abilities.

Embrace the future of home automation with the Shelly Qubino Wave 2PM. Shop now and take control of your home’s energy usage with smart technology that’s both powerful and easy to use.


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