Shelly 1PM Mini Gen3


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  • Compact Design: Shelly 1PM Mini Gen3 measures 38x40x17 mm and is suitable for retrofitting behind any wall switch. Optimized for smart home efficiency and space-saving installations. Available in white.
  • High Capacity: Includes one channel for controlling up to 8A loads, ideal for automating lights and small appliances. It is perfect for energy management and encourages smart home integration, making it suitable for residential use.
  • Advanced Technology: This product features an ESP processor and increased flash memory for enhanced performance. It is ideal for real-time operation and seamless smart home integration.
  • Robust Build: Made with high-quality materials, Shelly 1PM Mini Gen3 provides increased durability. It is suitable for continuous use, perfect for controlling high-voltage devices up to 240 VAC, and offers homeowners longevity.
  • Energy Monitoring: Equipped with precise power metering and free cloud data storage. Perfect for energy usage optimization and reducing electricity bills.
  • Voice Control Compatibility: It is compatible with Alexa, Home Assistant, and other platforms. It enables voice commands and integrates smoothly with existing smart home ecosystems.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Supports scripting, webhooks, MQTT, WebSocket, HTTPS, UDP, TLS, and custom certificates for flexible and secure configurations.


In stock


Shelly 1PM Mini Gen3 is the world’s smallest relay switch for smart control and precise power monitoring, ensuring the highest quality and durability. Its compact design allows it to fit behind any wall switch, making it perfect for retrofit projects. Equipped with an ESP processor and advanced memory, it efficiently handles up to 8A loads at 240 VAC. With robust construction and versatile connectivity options including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi extenders, Shelly 1PM Mini Gen3 is an essential tool for any smart home, offering ease of control through the Shelly Smart Control app or voice assistants like Alexa. This product measures 38x40x17 mm, suitable for any residential setting, and available in white.

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