Shelly Pro 3EM-400A


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  • High Capacity Monitoring: Shelly Pro 3EM-400A can handle up to 400A per phase, which is ideal for large-scale operations. Ensures comprehensive energy management with detailed real-time insights.
  • Precise Energy Data: Offers Class B accuracy and 1% measurement precision. Crucial for businesses focused on reducing energy costs and improving efficiency.
  • Connectivity Options: This product includes Wi-Fi, LAN, and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing for flexible and reliable network integrations. It also ensures continuous monitoring with multiple connectivity options.
  • Advanced Security: It supports mTLS for secure data transmissions, which is essential for integrating with cloud infrastructures and maintaining data integrity.
  • Photovoltaic compatibility: ready for integration with solar power systems, enhancing utility for renewable energy applications. Includes phase sequence error detection for added safety.
  • Data Retention: It stores energy usage data for up to 60 days in 1-minute intervals, allowing for detailed analysis and reporting and supporting effective energy management strategies.
  • Scripting and Automation: This software features extensive scripting capabilities to automate and customize energy management tasks, catering to specific operational needs.


In stock (can be backordered)


Discover superior energy management with the Shelly Pro 3EM-400A, a robust three-phase energy meter designed for meticulous energy tracking and optimized operational efficiency. This DIN rail-mountable unit is perfect for industries requiring precise monitoring of high electrical loads and can measure up to 400A per phase.

With real-time data on voltage, current, and power factor, the Shelly Pro 3EM-400A empowers you to make informed decisions that can lead to significant energy savings. Its compatibility with photovoltaic systems and advanced measurement capabilities make it an invaluable tool for businesses leveraging renewable energy.

The meter’s connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, LAN, and Bluetooth, provide versatile integration with existing network infrastructures, ensuring reliable and continuous energy monitoring. Its support for mTLS and scripting functionalities also allows for secure, customized solutions tailored to your specific energy management needs.

Leverage the power of the Shelly Pro 3EM-400A to enhance your energy efficiency and reduce operational costs. With industry-grade security and extensive data retention capabilities, this energy meter is essential to any modern energy management system. Optimize your energy usage and take control of your utility expenses today. Explore the benefits of advanced energy monitoring—invest in the Shelly Pro 3EM-400A now.

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