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Shelly 3EM


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Shelly 3EM can calculate 2-way consumption produced and used energy for each of the three phases. The device can be configured to measure three separate points of a mono-phase electrical system and measure each of them separately. Monitor the consumption of any home appliances electric circuit and office equipment lights power lines security systems heating and cooling etc. individually. The consumption of your whole home or generated electricity from solar panels with the only one of its kind WiFi-operated Energy Meter with contactor control functionality in the world. 


  • three independent measuring channels up to 120A each
  • one contactor control or load up to 10A
  • 365 days of internal memory in case Wi-Fi is not available
  • voltage measurement and configurable alarm reporting
  • Included 3x Current Transformers 120A
  • No HUB required.
  • Wide range of voltage support.
  • Anti energy theft protection
  • Overconsumption and over energy protection
  • It can be integrated to work with all other Shelly devices.
  • Compatible with Android iOS Amazon Alexa Google Assistant and home automation servers using MQTT CoAP and REST API.
  • Easily make your Arduino project live and usable in your automation project.

Shelly Catalogue https//www.shelly.cloud/documents/catalogues/catalogue.pdf


In stock