Shelly 1 Mini Gen3


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  • Space-Saving Design: Shelly 1 Mini Gen3 measures 38x40x17 mm, ideal for retrofitting behind wall switches or sockets. It enhances smart home setups without occupying much space. It is available in a sleek white color.
  • Powerful Capacity: It handles up to 8A at 240 VAC and 5A at 30 VDC, enabling control over a variety of household devices like lights and garage doors. It promotes energy efficiency and practical automation for everyday use.
  • Cutting-edge technology: Equipped with the latest ESP processor and expanded memory for faster response and better performance. Ensures reliable operation and integration with existing smart home systems.
  • Enhanced Durability: Built with improved terminal strength to withstand frequent use. Perfect for high-demand environments, ensuring longevity and reliability in controlling your home appliances.
  • Intelligent Monitoring: Offers potential-free dry contact options for advanced control scenarios, such as contactor operations. Facilitates complex setups while maintaining user-friendly interfaces.
  • Wireless Convenience: No hub is required for operation. It integrates seamlessly with the Shelly Smart Control app and supports voice control via Alexa and Home Assistant, enhancing accessibility and ease of use.
  • Flexible Integration: It supports many protocols, including MQTT, WebSocket, and HTTPS. It also allows for custom setups with scripting, webhooks, and custom certificates, catering to advanced user requirements.


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Shelly 1 Mini Gen3 revolutionizes smart home automation with its ultra-compact design and powerful features. At just 38x40x17 mm, it fits discreetly behind any wall switch or socket, perfect for retrofitting without compromising space. This smart switch supports up to 8A at 240 VAC and 5A at 30 VDC, making it versatile for various home applications, from lighting to garage doors. The latest ESP technology ensures smooth integration and reliable performance within any smart ecosystem. The improved durability of terminals and potential-free dry contact options offer a robust solution for everyday automation challenges. Operate your Shelly 1 Mini Gen3 effortlessly through the Shelly Smart Control app or voice assistants like Alexa, making it an indispensable tool for modern homes.

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