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Aeotec Flood Sensor 6


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Water Sensor 6.

Flood sensor. Leak sensor. Safety sensor. Water Sensor 6. Your home?s 6th sense.
We protect our homes in so many ways. With smoke sensors, door locks, and security systems. But more homes are damaged each year by small leaks than by devastating fires or burglaries. Water Sensor 6 changes that, using Z-Wave Plus to silently monitor areas of your home at risk of water and then taking action when the worst occurs.

aeotec z wave water sensor 6

Total Control.

Water Sensor 6 monitors your home.

Wave flood and water sensor

Leaks & bursts.
Water Sensor 6 can detect minuscule amounts of water ? as little as 0.5mm / 0.02? of water. That makes it your first line of defence against damaged plumbing.

Whether a small amount or large, Water Sensor 6 also is perfect at protecting against the floods you can anticipate, such as sumps and in basements.

Accidents happen but that doesn?t make the damage caused by forgotten taps any less expensive. Water Sensor 6 can alert you to the water you?ve forgotten to turn off before it?s too late.


Out of stock


Product Description

The leak sensor with sensors.

Water Sensor 6 is a part of the AEOTEC Z-Wave intelligence range. It?s been designed to protect your home and it?s also been designed to make your smart home smarter. Three separate sensors are crafted into each Water Sensor 6.
Each of these sensors can be used to create intelligent home control scenarios via your Z-Wave gateway including the management of underfloor heating, HVAC control, and driveway heating.

Water sensor.
4 gold tipped water probes actively monitor for leaks and drips.
Vibration sensor.
Tamper and emergency events are confirmed by an algorithm that includes vibration detection.
Temperature sensor.
Crafted for heating management, an inbuilt temperature sensor can monitor temperatures between -20?C and 100?C.

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? Aeotec Water Sensor 6 product manual

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Technical Specification

RF Protocol
Z-Wave Plus (500 series chip)
RF Frequency
921.42Mhz – AU/NZ ?approved RF for Z-wave
Z-Wave device type
Z-Wave multilevel sensor
1 CR123A battery is required. (included)
Operation Range
Up to 40m without obstacles
Indoor use only
Operation temperature
0 ~ 55 ?C
Storage temperature
?10 ~ 80 ?C
107mm x 61mm x 33mm
Z-Wave Plus certified
Warranty 12 Months